Researchers: Multiple cups of coffee a day can reduce body fat

A recent study has uncovered an intriguing connection between higher coffee consumption and a lower body fat percentage.

The study, which focused on women aged 20 to 69, revealed compelling results. Among women aged 20 to 44, those who consumed two or three cups of coffee daily exhibited a body fat percentage 3.4 percent lower than their counterparts who consumed fewer cups or abstained from coffee altogether.


Similarly, among women aged 45 to 69, those who indulged in four or more cups of coffee per day boasted a body fat percentage 4.1 percent lower. Notably, these findings remained consistent even when participants consumed decaffeinated coffee.

Researchers hypothesize that the bioactive compounds present in coffee, beyond just caffeine, may play a role in reducing body fat percentage. While these findings are certainly intriguing, it’s essential to recognize that the same study may not yield comparable results for males. ⁠

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