70 years ago, she was thrown out for loving a black man – now look at them today

Jake and Mary Jacobs recently celebrated 70 years of marriage, a milestone marked by enduring love and overcoming societal challenges. In 1940s Britain, Mary (White) and Jake (Black) faced racial prejudice and hostility. Despite Mary’s father disapproving and disowning her, the couple married in 1948.

Early years were fraught with hardships; they struggled to find housing due to racial bias, faced social isolation, and experienced the stillbirth of their first child. Mary worked as a teacher, rising to assistant principal, while Jake secured a job with the Post Office. They made friends, but Mary felt compelled to explain Jake’s race before introductions.

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Despite societal adversity, their love prevailed. Now aged 84 and 89, Mary and Jake reside in Solihull, celebrating seven decades of marriage. Reflecting on their journey, Jake recalls the racial abuse he endured, emphasizing the progress made and the challenges faced by Black individuals in 1940s Britain.

The couple’s enduring love serves as an inspiring testament to overcoming adversity, and they express no regrets about their 70-year union.

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