Baby sucked into tornado miraculously found lying in tree amid heavy rainfall – ‘I was pretty sure he was dead’

A spine-chilling event unfolded in Tennessee on December 9, as a destructive tornado tore through a mobile home, leaving devastation in its wake.

Sydney Moore and Aramis Youngblood, the parents of a four-month-old baby boy, described the harrowing experience they went through when he was sucked into the tornado.

Sydney, 22, recounted the terrifying moment when the tornado approached, tearing off the roof of their mobile home. She vividly recalled the tornado lifting the bassinet containing her baby, Lord, as her boyfriend, Aramis, tried to shield the child from being swept away.

“The tip of the tornado came down and picked up the bassinet with my baby, Lord, in it. He was the first thing to go up,” Sydney told Australia’s 9 News.

Lt. Steven Bryant from Clarksville Fire Rescue, one of the initial responders, described the chaotic scene after Sydney sought help, traversing over a mile. Aramis detailed the frightening experience of holding onto the spinning bassinet during the tornado’s onslaught.

Sydney recounted an instinctive act of protection for her one-year-old son, Princeton. “Something in me just told me to run and jump on top of my son,” she said, explaining that she made the quick decision to do so to shield him from the collapsing walls.

Amid the chaos, Sydney and her son Princeton emerged from the rubble virtually unscathed. After the tornado passed, the search for Lord began. Sydney described the surreal sight of Aramis bringing Lord back through the devastation.

“I saw [Aramis] walking through the woods, carrying Lord in the pouring down rain, and all of his clothes were ripped. It was like a scene in a movie,” she told Good Morning America.

A destroyed home is seen in the aftermath of a tornado on December 10, 2023 in Clarksville, Tennessee. Credit / Jon Cherry / Getty.

Lt. Steven Bryant, described how the scene resembled a war zone. Bryant also spoke to GMA about the ordeal, saying: “She came running to me and gave me the baby, and I could hear the baby crying, so I thought, that’s good,” he said, expressing relief that Lord did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Despite initial fears, Sydney and Aramis found Lord alive, nestled in what Sydney described as a “little tree cradle.” In the pouring rain, the parents experienced a miraculous turn of events.

“I thought [Lord] was dead. I was pretty sure he was dead, and we weren’t going to find him. But by the grace of God,” Sydney stated.

Sydney declared her unwavering commitment to her children, saying (via BBC): “I will die for my kids. That’s not even a question. And my boyfriend would do the same thing.”

Responding to the complete destruction of Sydney’s car and home, her sister, Caitlyn Moore, set up a GoFundMe campaign to support the family. Lord, the infant, suffered minor injuries, including a gash on his ear that required gluing and a minor concussion. Caitlyn had said that he looked like he was placed on the tree gently, as if an angel guided him safely to that spot.

The GoFundMe campaign, aimed at helping the family buy a new home, furnishings, a car, insurance, and other necessities, has surpassed its initial goal, accumulating just under $105,000 as of December 20, 2023.

What an amazing story! It goes to show that miracles clearly do happen.

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